"I kill herefore I am"




I kill therefore I am … The title is a reference to Descartes’s philosophical proof of existence, “Cogito, ergo sum,” or “I think, therefore I am,” …

But in IG88-E his universe it was slightly mistranslated. Bottom line : it refers to this model’s acquisition of sentient artificial intelligence. IG88 efforts to destroy all sentient beings was partly halted due to the fact his counterparts were destroyed by Boba Fett on Tatooine.
At that same time a rebel operative noticed the leftovers of these droids, assembled them back together and was quite surprised it had knowledge and information about a second death star.

Holowan Laboratories, also known as Holowan Mechanicals, was a company active during the Clone Wars, a galaxy-wide conflict fought between the forces of the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems, that developed and manufactured weapons and battle droid models. They manufactured the IG-series of droids, which included the IG-100 MagnaGuard, the IG-86 sentinel droid, and the IG-RM bodyguard and enforcer droid, with the former being fielded extensively by the Separatist Droid Army. They also manufactured the electrostaff, a weapon often used by MagnaGuards.

Following the conflict’s resolution, the company was able to bypass the Galactic Empire’s ban on the production of battle droids by reclassifying their products as security droids.

Holowan Laboratories manufactured the rogue IG-86 assassin droid IG-88, who operated as a bounty hunter during the Galactic Civil War.

After that , it was at Holowan Laboratories that rebels spies could grab a hold of the IG model’s source code allowing to bypass it’s natural urges to kill and to tap into the vast stream of data available in this model’s core.

At that time they decided to reprogramming IG88-E to focus on infiltration & spying duties in combination with it lethal mastery of weapons and urge to kill high value targets.

Since then IG88-E has proven itself more than valuable to the Alliance. Even more … it succeeded to be a most valuable teamplayer in daring hit and run Rebel missions by first infiltrating Imperial strongholds, assessing / eliminating possible threats and preparing the advance/arrival of the Rebel core group.

However … Some Alliance member, still fear that this droid would become homicidal, will wipe everyone out and become a major risk as was proven by the Tarkin Initiative . At some point, the Initiative constructed the assassin droid BT-1 in one of their bases, however the droid was revealed to be homicidal, wiping out everyone at the base and then self-destructing the base itself. Time will tell …


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